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Solutions for always up networks, and popup networks

Cradlepoint is the world-leader in Wireless WAN Technology. From FMCG and Corporate office failover to Vehicle Connectivity to IOT, Cradlepoint offers enterprise-class high reliability, highly flexible solutions.

Whether from uncontrollable challenges, such as weather, or controllable challenges, such as a misconfigured interface, don’t let a disruption cause unwanted WAN downtime. Businesses and organizations rely on connectivity to other devices, applications, and to the cloud to continue vital operations. When network connections are crucial, it’s important to have a diverse secondary network based on cellular with rapid failover to avoid losing data or transactions.

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Date: 27 October

Time: 10:00am – 10:30am

Format: Zoom Meeting

Audience: Sales / Architect

Presenter: Chris Joseph (APJ Partner Director)