Virtual Event Replay

Solutions for always up networks, and popup networks

Cradlepoint is the world-leader in Wireless WAN Technology. From FMCG and Corporate office failover to Vehicle Connectivity to IOT, Cradlepoint offers enterprise-class high reliability, highly flexible solutions.

Join Cradlepoint APJ Partner Director Chris Joseph to review and discuss many practical usage examples of how this technology delivers value for customers and their IT partners, especially during peak trading times. 

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Event Summary

Cradlepoint technology helps businesses
  • Open locations on schedule
  • Maintain connectivity to the Internet, banking, supplier and customer systems
  • Enable the use of IOT
  • Power new business models such as click & collect
  • Protect trading capability against unforeseen network disruption
  • Minimise costs associated with downtime
  • Help IT suppliers improve their quality of service & access
  • ¬†Deliver
    • Speed
    • Simplicity
    • Scalability
    • Security