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Date: 19 August 2020

Start: 09:00 AEST / 11:00NZST

Duration: Up to 3 hours

Format: Zoom Presentation / Interaction with UDF Hands-On labs

SSLO 101: Essential SSL Visibility with SSL Orchestrator

Level-Up your networking and security skillsets through becoming familiar with F5 SSL Orchestrator, the fulcrum of the modern information gateway. In this 2 hour lab designed for F5-CA certified architects, get hands-on experience with the F5 solution which maximizes network traffic visibility, security, and reduces infrastructure efficiencies by:
  • Effectively decrypting and inspecting SSL/TLS traffic
  • Applying a policy-driven approach to intelligently steer traffic flows through security service chains
  • Supporting multiple deployment modes for flexibility in integrating with complex architectures